Sunday, 28 March 2010

Mark Seliger

I was browsing through some images from the December 09 issue of Vogue Germany, a photoshoot with Chanel Iman. She is so beautiful and the clothes suit her petite frame so amazingly, the set for the shoot was absolutely gorgeous and a completely different idea to what we usually see gracing the magazine pages during the height of the winter season. The western garments and idea of the Disney completely contrasts with the African surroundings, bringing the cultures together just shouldn't work but Mark Seliger shoots the images so beautifully that it just about does. The images look so odd, but they are so unusual that as the viewer I can't help but love them.I absolutely adore the composition of this image (above), the elephant juxtaposes the trailer and the effect it creates is this idea of nature imposing on the man-made. The reflection of the landscape in the trailer creates an unusual dynamic in the picture and the figure is lost in the surroundings. Awesome.

Credit: Vogue Germany
Photographer: Mark Seliger
Model: Chanel Iman

After browsing tthrough these images I was tempted to look at some other work by Seliger as I didn't know anything about him really and turns out he's quite the creative lad! Here's some of my favourite images from his portfolio.

I have to confess that I was thoroughly unimpressed with the shots of the new campaign that saw Emma Watson as the face of Burberry. To be honest I don't think she represents what the brand is about at all, and the images were quite frankly a little dull. In those images I saw no emotion, no connection with the camera. But in these she looks, beautiful. So different and so much more individuality.
Credit: Vogue Italia
Photgrapher: Mark Seliger
Model: Emma Watson
Credit: Vogue Italia
Photographer: Mark Seliger
Model: Diane Kruger
Credit: Vogue Italia (Again!!)
Photographer: Mark Seliger

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