Sunday, 28 March 2010

Mark Seliger

I was browsing through some images from the December 09 issue of Vogue Germany, a photoshoot with Chanel Iman. She is so beautiful and the clothes suit her petite frame so amazingly, the set for the shoot was absolutely gorgeous and a completely different idea to what we usually see gracing the magazine pages during the height of the winter season. The western garments and idea of the Disney completely contrasts with the African surroundings, bringing the cultures together just shouldn't work but Mark Seliger shoots the images so beautifully that it just about does. The images look so odd, but they are so unusual that as the viewer I can't help but love them.I absolutely adore the composition of this image (above), the elephant juxtaposes the trailer and the effect it creates is this idea of nature imposing on the man-made. The reflection of the landscape in the trailer creates an unusual dynamic in the picture and the figure is lost in the surroundings. Awesome.

Credit: Vogue Germany
Photographer: Mark Seliger
Model: Chanel Iman

After browsing tthrough these images I was tempted to look at some other work by Seliger as I didn't know anything about him really and turns out he's quite the creative lad! Here's some of my favourite images from his portfolio.

I have to confess that I was thoroughly unimpressed with the shots of the new campaign that saw Emma Watson as the face of Burberry. To be honest I don't think she represents what the brand is about at all, and the images were quite frankly a little dull. In those images I saw no emotion, no connection with the camera. But in these she looks, beautiful. So different and so much more individuality.
Credit: Vogue Italia
Photgrapher: Mark Seliger
Model: Emma Watson
Credit: Vogue Italia
Photographer: Mark Seliger
Model: Diane Kruger
Credit: Vogue Italia (Again!!)
Photographer: Mark Seliger

Saturday, 27 March 2010

Alice in Wonderland

I am a massive Tim Burton fan and so I actually could not wait to see Alice in Wonderland, ahh it was so amazing! Loved it so much! Depp and Bonham Carter were just so awesome and quirky - not that I expected anything less. The costumes were brilliant and they managed to stay so true to the originals but with a modern twist, I loved the Hatter's liquorice allsorts patterned tie.

Credit: Walt Disney

When I went to see the film it reminded me of a shoot I did a while ago for a magazine re-design brief. It was for an editorial piece that I had to come up with and I decided to focus the idea of the article around the role of women and the perception that they have of themselves. I combined this with the use of female roles in fairytales and fashion to create an unusual look for the piece. I have been meaning to upload some of the shots for ages and the film reminded me! I hope you enjoy :)Alice in Wonderland

Puss in Boots


Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red's cloak was actually an old blue nursing cape from the war, as I was lacking a red cloack. I absolutely loved everything about this photoshoot and their really is something about them that feels magical I think. I love how the reality of the images is compromised by the surroundings, and it is the settings that really set the scene and create that fairytale image I was trying to comprise.

This was the final outcome of the editorial piece.

It would be really great if anyone could give me a hand on any photography/photoshop pointers, or just thoughts on the shoot etc. :D

Friday, 26 March 2010

UK Vogue April 2010

I know I'm a little behind with the times, but I only just got round to buying this months Vogue (I'm a little on the skint side lately!) I can never properly decide on my opinion of Vogue, the majority of the photo shoots are always gorgeous and the concepts just so beautiful but I feel that some of the shoots are just a little uninteresting in this months issue. This one shoot however, I loved! The shots are are just so elegant and beautiful and Kate looks so innocent and just basically amazing! This hair style suits her face so well, I would DIE for those cheek bones, GOD ! I love the simplicity of this shot, the near monochrome palette just adds to that elegance that the images give.

The lighting in this one is amazing, I love how the light accentuates her body shape so well, and that corset is just a perfect fit on her.

This is my favourite of all the shoot, I love how the light falls on Kate and the banister, its like a window in the midst of daylight shining through on her. The silhoette that the outfit creates is seamless and the rawness of the image is amazing.

Model: Kate Moss
UK Vogue
Photographer: Willy Vanderperre

Thursday, 18 March 2010


Last years military trend has become even tougher and raw this season, which I am absolutely loving! It just screams empowerment. Love. Last years jackets by balmain were to die for and remain on trend incorporating denim in. I absolutely love this one seen on Rihanna last spring. I know you might say I'm behind the times but I thought of it and remembered how amazing it was!

Credit: Polyvore Site

This second image is a section of one of the SS10 creations and I love the embellishment, its so rugged and edgy. I might try customising one of my old jackets in this sort of stuff, I saw an article (I think in Company the High Street Edit) and the shoulder pads and tassles should be simple enough to recreate, yet so effective. Great impact.

Also crushing on these MASSIVELY right now. The baggy 'Hammer pants' as I am sadly tempted to call them, are awesome, almost a cross between chinos and harem pants. Loving these ones by ASOS.

Thinking perhaps a loose tank or body and jacket (Cheryl-esque) with these. Super cool.

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Spring/Summer 2010

I have to say, that after watching several samples of the catwalk shows from this Spring's Fashion Weeks across the globe, that the Alexander McQueen really caught my eye, as it always does. I must confess to being a bit of a McQueen junkie, and this late collection just exhibited his talents so wonderfully; a true tribute to a gifted genius. His inspiration apparently taken from the natural world (though teamed up with a little 'space age' I'm thinking) is definitely apparent in several of the key pieces, one of these having been worn by Naomi Campbell to the Elle Style Awards.

Alexander Mcqueen S/S 2010

Credit: & Wireimage

My true fashion God. Although I have to confess I am not a fan of the shoes - they remind me of dinosaurs. Don't ask. But you have to hand it to him, they are kooky and unique. And whilst his pieces are somewhat outrageous at times, they are mostly ready to wear pieces; another enviable trait of McQueen's work, they are wearable whilst still being wild and stand-outish enough. Bravo Lee McQueen. R.I.P



Hello all and welcome to my very first post, my first blog even! Exciting times. I was reading an H&M publication that I picked up in store the other day and whilst talking about London Fashion Week (which I was totally gutted that I couldn't go to by the way!) and it featured information on bloggers such as Jak and Jil, Susie Bubble, Tavi etccc. And I became totally inspired. The idea of such a personal thing to document online was increasingly appealing, like a diary, only better!
Although I have to admit I haven't quite grasped the concept of using it yet - I never was one for computing skills...but I'm learning....slowly!

Basicssss I own incredulous amounts of scrapbooks: labels, adverts, paperchase postcards, photos....pretty much any random bits of yumminess that I can get my hands on and like the look of. But this seemed such a new, exciting way to document everything wonderful, and whilst I've always been totally immersed in my love for fashion, choosing my degree course has opened me up to this whole new insight and passion for the subject!

So bare with me, though I'm not really sure who or if I'm even talking to anyone here, but I hope to create an interesting blog.
Wish me luck!

Annarrrr x