Sunday, 13 February 2011

"I'm on the Right Track baby, I was Born this Way."

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Taken from a booklet available online of up and coming names...a profile followed by a collage and all shot in the NYC Comme Des Garcons store, which is by the way fricking awesomeee. 

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Medieval Millenia

After our fairytale trip to New York in January, one of our lecturers spoke to us about the overwhelming presence of artisanry around the city, be it in bakerys, delis, tailors and in clothing brands' stores. Whilst in agreement with him, I have since come to notice the trend even more prevalently. Flicking through my March issue of Vogue today  I noticed an Hermes ad that really emphasized the point, especially since the NY Hermes store was one that I noted had a workstation in the downstairs of the store, repairing and making the lusted for Berkin bags. 

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With this in mind, looking at trends for S/S '11 on I one in particular caught my eye presenting a lot of rustic textures, which I am always immediately infatuated by since my A level topic 'discarded'. Being titled 'Modern Craft'  the trend replicates the ideas of going back to tradition and 'old time craft'. Although think more glamour than bohemian.



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A few images from my latest university project, a 2000 word visual report on a brand extension in the UK market. I chose to do a 'beach' haircare collection for Hollister Co. called 'Surfside Beach". The images consist of moodboards, ad and webpage mock ups.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Never Fully Dressed, Without A Smile...

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Completely and utterly in love with pretty much everything on this site. Chiffon obsession. Creme obsession.
Oh and the model's hair? Ooft. Please to all, thankyou.



I seem to be becoming a bit of a sucker for some edgy, slightly gothic-themed jewellery these days and am developing a minor obsession with spindly shapes and rings in particular. This is a collective summary of all my favourite pieces across various collections by "Bijules" designed by Jules Kimm. Similarly to Noemi the aspect of the pieces I really admire is the 'art aesthetic' they both strive towards, the pieces are both delicate and beautiful at the same time as being raw and awkward.



"Loud" - Amazing
"S&M" - Amazing
Rihanna - BEYOND Amazing

Seeing her in November? More than excited!

Life & Death

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Latest jewellery lust is Germany born, East London based designer Noemi Klein. Her life & death inspired jewellery collection shows influence from skeletal forms, 'the enchanted forest' and 'medieval emblems'. There is something so seductive about the dark nature and blemished silver of the rings in particular. Claw ring and the final band I neeed in my life!