Monday, 17 October 2011

London Town

Source: All pictures are my own

One day over the summer me and a couple of my course mates Jade and Alice ventured to London town to take some street style photos for a Summer project at uni. I shall be posting these street style pictures when they are nearer to completion, but whilst we were there we also took some time out to pop into a few vintage boutiques (when in Brick Lane....) We stumbled across a newly opened vintage warehouse named Blitz, and this was vintage on a professional level. The shop was wonderfully designed and the decor was cosy and uniqe. Decked out in dark wood, with kitsch interior aspects, it was a perfect vintage haven. Although a little on the pricey side, the clothes were in exceptional condition and the variety was spectacular. I have never seen so much denim or patterned 70s shirts in all my life. I took a lot more pictures but I'm sure you'd rather check it out for yourself HERE

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Week Four

My final week.
I cannot actually believe how fast the past month has gone. Although it has been exhausting undertaking this full time placement, it has been a very fulfilling experience, and a real education. I feel as though I have gained a thorough understanding of what it means to be a BA and have been given responsibility which I may not have been given in a different company. 

Athena for the final week went through one of my consumer profiles aswell as running through critical paths and range plans with me which I needed to consult with to track orders and organise the Best and Worst for this week. 

This final week was a lot of fun for me at Monsoon; I feel as if I have formed a great bond with people in several departments and in doing so have also gained some great contacts. This week I got to attend a fair in the reception/canteen area of the magnificent glass Monsoon/Accessorize building in aid of the charity that the company have set up. It was great fun as there was loads of old VM for sale, which meant I could buy some really quirky and unique pieces for the new uni house, aswell as raffles and stalls to take part in a few different activities. 

Drinks and a picnic were a lovely farewell from the team aswell as a card, I will really miss being a part of the team! I had a great experience from Monsoon and would without a doubt recommend them as a company to work for. One key thing I did learn from my internship would be that although I thoroughly enjoyed my experience and learnt so much, buying is not really the avenue that I would like to continue down. I feel that it is too business focused and logical for me and I would prefer something with more creative free rein. 

Week Three

I started the week in the Jersey department this time, so far my favourite few days at Monsoon. I was hoping to gain a little more responsibility as the longest standing intern, this proved to be right and I gradually took on more and more as this week progressed. I had to compile Best and Worst sheets, stickers and organise month’s worth of samples and lab dips.
Source: Monsoon website (These were a couple of the garments discussed in the office whilst I interned.)

Again, I was learning more and more about the role of a BA and I really enjoyed this for the reason that it really allowed me to form opinions about what sort of experience I would like to undertake next. The time I spent back in Trousers and Outerwear this week were spent doing more labels, meeting and greeting suppliers, liaising with stores to get staff feedback on product etc., carrying out trend research for SS12 product. 

I also managed to visit both the VM department and Press Office, which I really enjoyed, as I feel that although I have enjoyed my experience, I may be better off following a slightly more creative direction. The mock shops were particularly fascinating to see as I got a better understanding of how they determine VM and an insight into what the Monsoon store ‘re-vamp’ was going to look like.

Week Two

Monday morning. My first returning Monday in a long while, the fuzzy Monday morning feeling was one that had become slightly alien to me. I found on my little desk space that Athena had left me a small list of things to be done over the next few days. Something else that I found was really good, as I felt that I had a purpose in the department. As far as interns go I feel very lucky as this seemed to be about a lot more than making tea. 

The majority of my week was spent within the Kids department, as a new intern had started who was a lot younger than me in Trousers and Outerwear. It was really great to experience a new area within the brand as I could see how their work ethic spanned across a multitude of departments. The Kids department was MANIC. A couple of staff down and a presentation at the end of the week, my responsibilities here lay mostly with arranging range boards for all Best and Worst products across Baby, Boy and Girl, for months June to October. That is a lot of pins I tell you now.  It was reasonably stressful as the boards had to be perfect to be seen by the big guns, and there was a lot to be done and not that much time. 

The more I learnt about being a buyer, the more different it was to how I imagined it would be. I spent a lot of time photographing product, and so I quickly became familiar with what was being bought and developed. This really helped me in many tasks that I was given, as I was able to talk and write about product that needed developing whilst attending fit meetings, aswell as sourcing product from the wardrobes.

Monsoon Internship

Ok, so I know that this was in June. But it is only now that I am getting around to posting about my brilliant internship at Monsoon in the Summer. Sadly, due to the company's confidentiality policy I was unable to take any pictures of my experience (waaaaah), so the pictures that I have included are taken from the internet.

Week One

So, after my long awaited first week at Monsoon I am beginning to experience the full effects of what it is to be in a full time job. A working girl, in London. And it would be an accurate statement to say that I am loving it. My first day I was a bag of nerves, although I have undertaken various work experiences before none of them have been as high profile as this or indeed as long. So there I was, about to get my first big mouthful of the feast that the fashion industry is. 

The team that I was set to be working in was the Buying Department: specifically Trousers and Outerwear. I was greeted by Athena (my mentor for the next 4 weeks) and another intern by the name of Danielle. Both were immediately friendly and any fears that I had had about the nature of the people I would be working with and the atmosphere within the work place were banished. 

The first couple of days of the week certainly were taken up by building colour palettes to send out to suppliers and clientèle, a pretty simple task which may sound boring but I was actually glad of. Whilst yearning for something important to be responsible for, I was actually grateful to be eased into my new surroundings. It really gave me a chance to learn the dynamics and ‘geography’ of the office, whilst carrying out a task that was necessary but at the same time not too demanding. The rest of the week was a mixture of small tasks really, steaming clothes and sitting in on meetings. The latter of these was an especially valuable experience for me, having no real comprehension of what it meant to be a BA before this week; I definitely feel that I have begun to understand what the job role entails. One other part of my week was sourcing product within the department and sorting out garments for sample sales.

Athena also asked me to write a PEST and SWOT analysis for the brand, as she felt that it is especially important for me to be familiar with these models if applying for a job within fashion. She went over them with me to give me pointers and I now feel a lot more confident with these, having received direct feedback from someone different to within my studies.