Tuesday, 21 September 2010

I'm backkkk

Ok. So I've pretty much officially been the worst blogger EVER this summer. For this I apologise. I've just been craazy busy doing goodness knows what! But now LFW is upon us and I am getting very excited and inspired. Plus I start uni on Saturday and am muchas excitedas to start! Can NOT wait. Plus my course is looking verrrry appealing right now, can't wait to get stuck in!

Anyway as a welcome back I've decided to post about some ridiculously cool jeans. I'm not a jeans person as it goes, I mean I own about 7 pairs but I've sort of gone through a fad and it hasn't occurred for about a year. Now I'm rambling. But my point is, its unusual for me to get  excited about jeans. But these. Oh my. They are beauts. Spotted them on Topshop's LFW article online and just fell in love!

So be amazed!

Credit: topshop.com
Plaited jeans by KTZ.

P.S sorry about the crappy print screen but topshop doesn't let me save images :( Damn.