Sunday, 30 May 2010


Being as obssessed with Gok Wan as I am (something about him is just utterly fabulous), I was watching Gok's Fashion Fix the other day and I absolutely LOVED the 'Pretty' looks that he and Brix did, particularly Brix's was just over the top and musk pink and cream coloured and frothy and just utterly YUMMY. I couldn't find any pictures sadly :( But here are some other images that I think fit the bill.

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Factory Story.

Model: Vanessa Paradis
By Karl Largerfeld

The retro, vintage vibe of all of these photographs just absolutely screams Chanel to me. They are absolutely gorgeous, I think its safe to say that Paradis has come a long way since 'Joe le Taxi' don't you? Karl Largerfeld's latest muse is definitely worthy I would say, the hair and the fish tails on the eyes are so chic! So francais! I also really admire the repetition of a lot of the images but projected in different ways as the illusion it creates is really unique and yet the same! She reminds me a lot of Audrey Hepburn in the shoot, I don't know, just the simplicity and chic clothing, the fur, shift dress, glasses and the hair! Oh goodness the hair! I am in love with these images and the 5th and 10th are just bliss.

Friday, 14 May 2010

90s Nadja

Model: Nadja Auermann
Photographer: Mikael Jansson

So fierce.

Wednesday, 12 May 2010


Ok so I did this photoshoot with my friend the other day for a portfolio for her and I thought I would upload some of the first few images that I have edited. I am still getting to grips with photoshop so bare with me! I only wish I had an SLR, the quality isn't quite there on my regular digital. Damnnn. Anyway here are a few of the early stages shots.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010


Ok I have just realised that I broke my promise to you. Woah I am having a blogging marathon tonight!
I promise pictures of my textiles final piece so here it is! I was undecided about it, but here goes...

Monday, 10 May 2010

Beach Daze

Completely contrasting to a shoot that I just professed my love for (see below) this editorial from Marie Claire US in June's issue is all about summer sun and beach days. But the shoot isn't done in that stereotypical blazing sun way, but is really tender and subtle. I love the quality of the light because it doesn't glare but just hangs in the air. It is literally making me LONG for summer!

Model: Tori Praver
Photographer: Matt Jones

Did Tori Praver want to get a bit more gorgeous? Seriously! I love her dress in the first shot, can I have please?! Anyone feeling rich and generous? Personally the 5th image down is my favourite, and I realise that I've raved about the golden quality of the light in these images only to pick a monochrome image as my favourite but the contrast in it is perfect and the position of her body is so relaxed. I wish I could create images like that.

September Sang...

Credit: Bon International
Models: Frida Gustavsson and Melissa Tammerijn
Photographer: Andreas Sjodin

These are some of the images that were produced in the Summer issue of Swedish publication Bon International and already they are promoting collections for this coming fall (come on we want some sunshine first!) and pre-fall seasons. This shoot really struck me as unique because all of the images have a really old fashioned feel to them whilst still being completely contemporary. The first and third images are my favourite, because the hair in both create real impact within the images. The first one in particular is really iconic. The colours are so reflective of autumn aswell, all the neutral colours, the palette is gorgeous.

Friday, 7 May 2010


Anticipating my degree that I will start later this year, I was thinking about potential careers the other day and there are just so many that I would love! But one that I have always considered to be awesome is styling. I mean who wouldn't love a job that involved lots of shopping and choosing outfits that make people feel good about themselves right?
I noticed that there have been several articles in magazines of late on Celebrity styling - Glamour, Vogue and Elle have all printed such editorials - and I have to say I knew it was intense but I don't think I realized how intense exactly! Although all the stories, which involve hair extensions being pulled out of sick, bribing designers and 3 hours of sleep a night MAX, sound ultimately stressful and a little horrifying. Still, how amazing would it be to look at a gorgeous woman sweeping down the red carpet in an outfit that so much effort had gone into finding? You could make a woman's night, career even. So much impact yet so little credit is given!
Rachel Zoe - god of styling - who has styled celebrities such as Kate Beckinsale; Kate Hudson; Cameron Diaz, Lindsay Lohan and Demi Moore to name only a few is such a power figure within the industry and I've decided that if I could have even an inch of her success within this field then all the stress would be totally worth it! Whoever said fashion wasn't rewarding ?!
So many options and all so amazingly awesomely exciting!

Tuesday, 4 May 2010



Credit: Vogue Italia Suggestions
Photographer: Stephane Sednaoui
Model: Elisa Sednaoui

This was shot with the idea of the optical illusion in mind, some, and I would agree, have compared it to a contemporary, upside down Alice in Wonderland. I think that this is because of the unusual compositions, camera angle and some of the positions that look like falling. The grayscale is really effective in capturing tone in the image. The hair is a feature I love in all of the images, so phwoooarrrr. If that's a word :)