Monday, 14 November 2011

A new love.

Pinterest. A site pointed out to us this term by a lecturer has become an immediate love of mine. Almost taken over in the addictive stakes, pinterest has a similar concept whereby people can 'pin' images on the web and add it to 'boards' that they create on the site. You can also 'repin' images that others have 'pinned' on the site and browse through other peoples boards and favourite images. It really is a great place for collating inspiration. Take a look HERE.

Christmas is coming...

Source: All from youtube

The power of advertising. It is amazing the way certain ads can make you feel. All of these, for me, deliver a multi-sensory experience. Particularly, I think you will agree, the Coca-cola ad which after being shown on the breaks of Saturday nights x factor managed to take up all of my twitter and facebook feeds! 
The above and a city break in London over the weekend have definitely got me in the mood for Christmas, a period I love more than any other.

Friday, 11 November 2011

Source: Various Google Images

A heavy focus within my current university project this term has been upon identifying myself as a creator. But a creator of what? This is the question that I have been tirelessly asking myself. Growing up I always knew I wanted a career within the widespread fashion industry, but only in the last year or so beginning my degree studies have I fully understood just how little this really helps me in defining my specific career choices. 
One of the tasks I am trying to get on with that will eventually be a part of my portfolio for this term is the design of a visual CV and business card/press pack. Truly deciding what it is that my self-promotion should say about me is a tricky task, especially as I am yet to really discover that myself. Finding something that truly depicts my design aesthetic as well as me as a person. With a couple of career paths in mind I'm finding it difficult to define my place in the industry, knowing where you want to be is hard enough these days without even thinking about how to get there!

That time of year

Sourced (In order): Asos (x5), American Apparel, Links, Urban Outfitters

It's that time of year again. My favourite time of year. Christmas. Which incidentally also means that its time to write my christmas list. As a poor poor student this is something that I have taken great pleasure in starting, given how very limited my budget has become these days. These are just a small number of things that I need in my life. Opting for a lot of black lately, I don't know if that's reflected from the grey weather we've been having here in lovely Nottingham or just the fact that I'm not feeling particularly creative when it comes to colour. Bright things never seem to feel right in the winter.
Can't wait to get home and sit in my christmassy lounge by the fire.

M Loe

So as you may or may not know, I am a fashion student desperately nursing a long term addiction to Whilst grabbing my daily fix this afternoon, I stumbled across something a little different. We're all familiar with the blogger who illustrates her looks as miffy bunnies, but this is something new I've discovered from lookbook poster M.Loe (check her out here). A recent development on her posts, she has begun to dress in the style of some of her favourite cartoon/animated characters and stick handmade features onto her face to replicate them. Just a bit of fun but really effective and picks her out from the rest of the users on there.

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Lovers Rock

Source: Vogue Russia
Models: Adam Levigne and Anne Vyalitsyna
Photographer: Alix Malka

This shoot for the most recent issue of Vogue Russia, saw up and coming super-couple Adam Levigne and Anne Vyalitsyna pose for a shoot capturing the zeitgeist of classic rock: nudity teamed with sequin all in ones, blazer jackets, guitars and black and white seduction. Something I felt a little ambitious for Levigne given Maroon 5's debut album being heavily lenient in the direction of pop from what I've heard so far. However, saying that the majority of the imagery definitely captured the considered theme (some a little cliche, I felt) and   showcased the couple in a great light, both of them look amazing in the photography. I feel like they might be seen a fair amount more in this industry as time goes on, watch this space.

Milkshake Delight

Not normally somebody with a soft spot for a great deal of colour when it comes to my own wardrobe preferences, this shoot by Jesse Laitinen really grabbed my attention. The brilliant sky blue compliments the candyfloss pink and create a concoction of 50s milk bars colour palettes that I was entirely drawn to. As much as I appreciate the colour contrast within the first image, the subtlety of the neutral ensembles that follow compliment the background equally as effectively although in a completely different way. The styling is tailored with a real laid back feel and is reflected throughout even the hair and make-up with the juxtaposition of slicked back and wispy frizz of her peroxide curls. A look that I wouldn't choose for myself but is absolutely captivating in this editorial and a lighter hearted edge to high end garments.