Tuesday, 29 June 2010


Okk so I just got back from Barcelona and did you know that it is pretty much amazing? I could have stayed forever, it's so cool. Gaudi is a genius and there was so much to see! Needed more time as I am so tired now! Also the street style there is amazing, I loved the harem pants, a trend that has failed to suit me sadly. More pictures to follow...I took just a few too many and now they are taking about, oh I don't know, ONE THOUSAND YEARS to upload!

Monday, 21 June 2010


Oh. My. Actual. God. Parents surprised me yesterday with my 18th present, early, we are going to Barcelona!! Ahh I am so excited. Weekend away is so perfect, after exams it will be so nice to relax in the sunshine for a couple of days! I have wanted to go since about forever, well, mainly since look at Gaudi's fabulous architecture in Art last year and after hearing my friend's EPQ on the subject.
It just looks os beautiful and there looks so much to see, I literally can't wait! I am going to have a massive look, I'm already developing a massive list of must-sees.
Another thing I'm really excited about is seeing the street-style over there, a few on lookbook are really cool so I can't wait to experience it first hand.
I've never been to main land Spain so that's something to cross off my life list of things to do!

I will update you as it happens !

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Birthday !

Ahhhh. Ok, so it's in 21 days - not that I'm counting - but 18! FINALLY. I am literally so excited.
Anyways, my mum asked me what I wanted the other day, and just about a million things sprung to mind, although of course most of these things were worth about 3 birthdays. Sooooo, I didn't ask for those, however I am going to share them with you because they are oh so beautiful and if someone wonderful and rich takes a shine to me then maybe, just maybe, they might fancy buying me one. Ha.

Make a wishhhhh.
1. The Beachwear
            Tavik Swimsuit

2. The DSLR
                  Canon EOS 1000D

3. The Bag
                           Mulberry "Alexa"

4. The Maxi Dress
                                Erdem Niji Crepe and Lace Dress
                             (This photo doesn't do it justice)

5. The Heels
                                                 Miu Miu Glitter-Embellished Platforms

I'm not usually one for glitter but these are just so glam and wild I love them.

Here's my top 5, any of the above would be amazing.
If only I had a money tree...


Lookbook.nu  is something I've admired for a long while now and the other day I was invited to join by my good friend, Kat. I was a little hesitant because I've loved it for SO long, I almost didn't wanna ruin it you know? But at the same time I wanted to be part of it so badly. So much streetstyle out there and I could sit on it for hours just dreamily looking at people's outfits, some people just have such natural sense of style, God I love it!
But I have to admit I am having quite a bit of trouble uploading images! :( Firefox works just fine but on normal internet the images don't come up and safari are all solarized! If anyone can help me fix this then PLEASE DO! I am desperateeeeee.
Here are some of my hyped looks! Enjoy and if you haven't already, GET BROWSING, I can guarantee you will instantly love it.





Sorry I would have uploaded the pictures but it's a non-sharing site and I can't save images!


Saturday, 12 June 2010


Credit: weheartit.com
No. magazine, fashiongonerogue

After my last post, with that girl with awesome hair and even more awesome taste, I got really inspired. I  just love redhead's, they look so rad in photos. Florece is a prime example! Definitely got some ideas for my fiery friend Laura Smith when the rain finally goes away! Sunshine please.

Friday, 11 June 2010

I Wish...

Redheads's always look so awesome in photos. Eclectic coolness. Yum.


Tuesday, 8 June 2010


Today I was at Graduate Fashion Week, which was actually so interesting, went to the Nottingham Trent Show which I mostly liked, there were some collections that really stood out to me and a couple that I wasn't so keen on. I just really admire the way that they are all so well made, so impressive.

The stands were all showing some really impressive work aswell, I took a real shine to Northumbria's in particular actually, got soooo many booklets of pictures and samples etc, can't wait to look through them properly later. I was also so excited to meet Susie Lau of Dazed and Confused magazine and famous style blog 'Susie Bubble' too, I love her blog and her career is such an inspiration to me, she is effortlessly and endlessly cool. In hindsight I had SO much I wanted to ask her but I was so starstruck that words appeared to escape me at the time! Also saw Erin O'connor, another starstruck moment, seeing such an icon that close kind of does that to me, how bizarre.

Today has just made me realise more and more my aspirations and I can't wait to get stuck in next year at uni! Going to be so amazing.

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Works of Art.

Credit: Vogue Nippon
Model: Malgiosa
Photographer: Cedric Buchet

I haven't included the whole shoot here because I felt that on the whole it was a little repetitive, however these two images are so striking, expressive and beautiful. I think that it's the intense contrast in colour and tone that grabs you first. The positions just strike me as movements through dance and this sort of gives it a sense of passion. I love the cobbled, mismatched ground in the second image. There is something about the combination of art and fashion that looks contemporary and classic, but I think that in the general shoot it was a little overworked. I would love to create something as poetic.

Wednesday, 2 June 2010


L'officiel cover shoot, Nadine Wolfbeisser and Tania Onischchenko by Gaetan Caputo.
I really adore the amazoninian feel that the second and third images have, really strong and powerful, yet strangely feminine (third one in particular) at the same time. They are all so wild, raw and animal.