Saturday, 27 March 2010

Alice in Wonderland

I am a massive Tim Burton fan and so I actually could not wait to see Alice in Wonderland, ahh it was so amazing! Loved it so much! Depp and Bonham Carter were just so awesome and quirky - not that I expected anything less. The costumes were brilliant and they managed to stay so true to the originals but with a modern twist, I loved the Hatter's liquorice allsorts patterned tie.

Credit: Walt Disney

When I went to see the film it reminded me of a shoot I did a while ago for a magazine re-design brief. It was for an editorial piece that I had to come up with and I decided to focus the idea of the article around the role of women and the perception that they have of themselves. I combined this with the use of female roles in fairytales and fashion to create an unusual look for the piece. I have been meaning to upload some of the shots for ages and the film reminded me! I hope you enjoy :)Alice in Wonderland

Puss in Boots


Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red's cloak was actually an old blue nursing cape from the war, as I was lacking a red cloack. I absolutely loved everything about this photoshoot and their really is something about them that feels magical I think. I love how the reality of the images is compromised by the surroundings, and it is the settings that really set the scene and create that fairytale image I was trying to comprise.

This was the final outcome of the editorial piece.

It would be really great if anyone could give me a hand on any photography/photoshop pointers, or just thoughts on the shoot etc. :D

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