Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Dirty Sexy Delicates

I don't know about any of you, but I have been religiously following the new E4 series, 'Dirty Sexy Things' for the past few weeks (I'm always a sucker for a bit of easy tv, and some easy on the eye male models) It's a really addictive new series that focuses on 8 young models and their career as they try to book new jobs and take part in an exhibition for fashion photographer Perou.

Anyway, amongst all the mayhem and model drama one thing that I have been desperately trawling the internet trying to find is the all-in-one bodysuit that Charlotte wears for the opening sequence, and is seen wearing in a shoot for her sister's lingerie brand. A brand that I have finally today discovered is named Nichole de Carle. Not quite what I can afford on my miserable student budget, also not the sort of thing you ask your rents for for Christmas I am utterly stumped on how I can get my hands on some of these beauties as I think they will look beyond amazing in a shoot. The indiscreet, dominatrix style of the garments lend themselves to the main trend of the upcoming season, although these are hardly garments you could wear on the street the sheer design aesthetic of the garments are wonderfully intricate. Here are some of my favourites.

Monday, 18 July 2011

Princess Quest

Today me and mummy dearest ventured to Kensington Palace on a quest to find all seven princesses in the Enchanted Palace exhibition. The exhibition has completely transformed an area of the palace into a magical, enchanted, romantic and slightly spooky wonderland. While the 'quest' is designed to interest smaller children no doubt, the fantastical atmosphere that has been created sparks an element of magic within all those who enter and it was not only beautiful but also had you feeling like a child all over again. 

The architectural aspect of the exhibition was wonderful, having taken everything into account it allowed you to learn more about the palace whilst also feeling that it was all part of a fabricated story, that you were part of. The dresses were disney-esque perfection and the lighting, designed by Chris Levine, was spectacular.
It was amazing how much had been accounted for and the curators had really thought deeply about everything to make sure that the image was complete. Even the 'keep off signs' were phrased 'Danger! Enchanted! Tread  carefully'.

 Well worth a visit here are some picture of my magical day. (Sorry if some of the picture quality is quite poor but flash isn't allowed within the palace)

All pictures above are my own

The perfect combination of art, fashion, sculpture, performance and fantasy.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Be Brave

Magazine: Russh Australia May 2010
Model: Bambi Northwood-Blyth
Shot by: Beau Grealy

This editorial for Russh Australia was entitled Stoned. I love how the strong look of Bambi encourages the interpretation of a warrior, and the solidarity that we feel within the shots accentuates this interpretation.

Although its more difficult to appreciate in these photographs because I have not included the entire editorial, the beautiful narrative that has been created by Grealy explores a woman fending for herself in the wilderness, and the contrast between the rawness of her expression and edgy styling against the softness of the wild textures around her and the vague look of vulnerability in her eyes leaves the feeling for wanting more.

 You want to continue with her on her journey of soul searching and endless travel.

P.S sorry that the images are so small! I couldn't seem to get them bigger without heavy pixelation but I needed to include them.

Dare to be sheer

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Only the likes of Anja Rubik could get away with making this look daringly classy.


Books: various, CD: Beyonce, 4, Shorts & Bikinis: Topshop, Knitwear, Bastyan at House of Fraser, Boots: Urban Outfitters, Ring: Unknown

So last week I finally turned 19. I say finally, but 19 is not really the sort of age that you anticipate, or get excited for is it? I feel like its a sort of 'non-age' and I suppose birthdays are not quite the same once the excitement and thrill of the lottery tickets that come with 16, the learning to drive that comes with 17 and the ability to publicly drink alcohol or go out til 6am that comes with 18; is over. I mean occasionally they are the same, 21 follows soon after but this birthday felt different. 
And I think that its kind of sad.

Nevertheless, it was a lovely day and I was spoilt! Lunch with friends, dinner with family and cocktails with the girls to follow it was a day of perfection. I realised that although birthdays will probably feel a little different now, after several that are classified 'big' birthdays, they are different but they are no less special. Birthdays are days of bliss, a day that should be enjoyed, and that is exactly what mine was. :)

Above are some of the pretty pretty gifts that my family gave me and what I couldn't photograph is a trip to Cologne, which I will be going on courtesy of Jez Lester....cheers love!

Birthdays are always good days.

A saving grace

Source: Jak and Jil

Years beyond the release of my cherished September Issue film was released Grace Coddington stood to be a resounding symbol of what is great within the world of fashion. A model turned stylist and creative director, this is a woman who just knows. Endlessly stylish and forever empowering with the art that she creates and beauty she inspires. Seeing this gloriously voyeuristic image of Grace on Jak and Jil's blog simply reminded me of why I began to love Grace and her work in the first place. 

Always a winner in capturing an honest and believable narrative Grace's knowledge stems deep into the overwhelming wealth of film, icons, eras and myth that surround us in not only the world of an artist but also every day. Something that has been absolutely drummed into us all this last semester at uni, knowledge of the past, interest in the preseny and curiosity in the future are 3 characteristics that Grace not only possess but that she thrives upon. I infinitely admire her hunger for the job and the most beautiful results of both this and absolute natural talent.

To call her an idol sounds too primadonna, and that she is not. So to me, cliche as it sounds (and is) she is an inspiration.
I'll leave you with some of my favourite of her works, although the list could be endless.

Source: Various on


Urban Decay

Oops I left one thing out!

Well it IS the Euromillions....with 166m you can afford to be greedy.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Feeling Lucky

 Bag and knitwear by Alexander Wang, shoes by Kurt Geiger, skirt by Kain

 Knitwear by Alexander Wang, shorts by 3.1 Phillip Lim, boots by Sam Edelman, bag by Anya Hindmarch

Shirt dress and bag by Alexander Wang, knitwear and skirt by Acne, shoes by Jeffrey Campbell

Just a few of the precious items I'll lovingly purchase when I win the Euromillions JACKPOT tonight...