Wednesday, 17 March 2010



Hello all and welcome to my very first post, my first blog even! Exciting times. I was reading an H&M publication that I picked up in store the other day and whilst talking about London Fashion Week (which I was totally gutted that I couldn't go to by the way!) and it featured information on bloggers such as Jak and Jil, Susie Bubble, Tavi etccc. And I became totally inspired. The idea of such a personal thing to document online was increasingly appealing, like a diary, only better!
Although I have to admit I haven't quite grasped the concept of using it yet - I never was one for computing skills...but I'm learning....slowly!

Basicssss I own incredulous amounts of scrapbooks: labels, adverts, paperchase postcards, photos....pretty much any random bits of yumminess that I can get my hands on and like the look of. But this seemed such a new, exciting way to document everything wonderful, and whilst I've always been totally immersed in my love for fashion, choosing my degree course has opened me up to this whole new insight and passion for the subject!

So bare with me, though I'm not really sure who or if I'm even talking to anyone here, but I hope to create an interesting blog.
Wish me luck!

Annarrrr x

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  1. If anyone can offer any insight I would be happy to know more about how to use this thing ! :)