Monday, 10 May 2010

Beach Daze

Completely contrasting to a shoot that I just professed my love for (see below) this editorial from Marie Claire US in June's issue is all about summer sun and beach days. But the shoot isn't done in that stereotypical blazing sun way, but is really tender and subtle. I love the quality of the light because it doesn't glare but just hangs in the air. It is literally making me LONG for summer!

Model: Tori Praver
Photographer: Matt Jones

Did Tori Praver want to get a bit more gorgeous? Seriously! I love her dress in the first shot, can I have please?! Anyone feeling rich and generous? Personally the 5th image down is my favourite, and I realise that I've raved about the golden quality of the light in these images only to pick a monochrome image as my favourite but the contrast in it is perfect and the position of her body is so relaxed. I wish I could create images like that.

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