Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Lookbook  is something I've admired for a long while now and the other day I was invited to join by my good friend, Kat. I was a little hesitant because I've loved it for SO long, I almost didn't wanna ruin it you know? But at the same time I wanted to be part of it so badly. So much streetstyle out there and I could sit on it for hours just dreamily looking at people's outfits, some people just have such natural sense of style, God I love it!
But I have to admit I am having quite a bit of trouble uploading images! :( Firefox works just fine but on normal internet the images don't come up and safari are all solarized! If anyone can help me fix this then PLEASE DO! I am desperateeeeee.
Here are some of my hyped looks! Enjoy and if you haven't already, GET BROWSING, I can guarantee you will instantly love it.

Sorry I would have uploaded the pictures but it's a non-sharing site and I can't save images!


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