Tuesday, 8 June 2010


Today I was at Graduate Fashion Week, which was actually so interesting, went to the Nottingham Trent Show which I mostly liked, there were some collections that really stood out to me and a couple that I wasn't so keen on. I just really admire the way that they are all so well made, so impressive.

The stands were all showing some really impressive work aswell, I took a real shine to Northumbria's in particular actually, got soooo many booklets of pictures and samples etc, can't wait to look through them properly later. I was also so excited to meet Susie Lau of Dazed and Confused magazine and famous style blog 'Susie Bubble' too, I love her blog and her career is such an inspiration to me, she is effortlessly and endlessly cool. In hindsight I had SO much I wanted to ask her but I was so starstruck that words appeared to escape me at the time! Also saw Erin O'connor, another starstruck moment, seeing such an icon that close kind of does that to me, how bizarre.

Today has just made me realise more and more my aspirations and I can't wait to get stuck in next year at uni! Going to be so amazing.


  1. Those first two designs were fierce! I would wear them!

  2. There was so much there worth seeing! Some very talented graduates this year.