Monday, 21 June 2010


Oh. My. Actual. God. Parents surprised me yesterday with my 18th present, early, we are going to Barcelona!! Ahh I am so excited. Weekend away is so perfect, after exams it will be so nice to relax in the sunshine for a couple of days! I have wanted to go since about forever, well, mainly since look at Gaudi's fabulous architecture in Art last year and after hearing my friend's EPQ on the subject.
It just looks os beautiful and there looks so much to see, I literally can't wait! I am going to have a massive look, I'm already developing a massive list of must-sees.
Another thing I'm really excited about is seeing the street-style over there, a few on lookbook are really cool so I can't wait to experience it first hand.
I've never been to main land Spain so that's something to cross off my life list of things to do!

I will update you as it happens !


  1. This sounds so awesome! Can't wait to hear/see about it

  2. something you might enjoy:

  3. Hello Miss Bull! Ooh when did you make a blog? You little chem neek :) xx