Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Birthday !

Ahhhh. Ok, so it's in 21 days - not that I'm counting - but 18! FINALLY. I am literally so excited.
Anyways, my mum asked me what I wanted the other day, and just about a million things sprung to mind, although of course most of these things were worth about 3 birthdays. Sooooo, I didn't ask for those, however I am going to share them with you because they are oh so beautiful and if someone wonderful and rich takes a shine to me then maybe, just maybe, they might fancy buying me one. Ha.

Make a wishhhhh.
1. The Beachwear
            Tavik Swimsuit

2. The DSLR
                  Canon EOS 1000D

3. The Bag
                           Mulberry "Alexa"

4. The Maxi Dress
                                Erdem Niji Crepe and Lace Dress
                             (This photo doesn't do it justice)

5. The Heels
                                                 Miu Miu Glitter-Embellished Platforms

I'm not usually one for glitter but these are just so glam and wild I love them.

Here's my top 5, any of the above would be amazing.
If only I had a money tree...

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