Thursday, 22 April 2010

What Makes You Feel The Fear?

Credit: Elle Magazine
Photographer: David Slijper
Model: Demi Moore

I was reading an article in Elle May 2010 today about the "secret dread's" of four successful writers. First was the eloquently spoken Celia Walden "The fear of adulthood": commitment, responsibility. Secondly novelist Lionel Shriver, "The fear of career failure" which proved that anybody, no matter how successful, well established, or talented at their job has uncertainty about what's next. Next was journalist Lucy Mangan "The fear of ageing", physical and nostalgic aspects, and lastly Elle's deputy editor Anna Pursglove, "The fear of wrong decisions".

As I read on and on about these talented individuals, I came to wonder about my own fears and I discovered that although I realise none of these prove relevant to my age or experiences now, I am absolutely terrified of them all. Not one of those described prospects doesn't make me want to run away and hide under my adolescent covers forever and ever and ever. But I also believe in throwing caution to the wind and whilst mildly terrifying me, this editorial also reassured me and inspired me to do anything in life that makes you happy. Because it won't last all that long, and what's the point otherwise ?


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