Tuesday, 20 April 2010


Credit: creativity.ge
Photographer: Nirrimi Joy Hakanson

There are so many amazing photographers out there and I am only recently getting into photography properly. Obviously its always been an interest of mine and it surrounds us in everyday life, but I mean like properly getting interested and inspired! I can't wait to get taking photos and its a good job I know some gorgeous people who will be willing to help! After the shots I did previously, that I've already posted, I completely fell in love with every aspect of the shoot, the place, the styling, the light.

Anyway, I know I'm digressing but my main point here is that I have a whole new level of appreciation for photography and I am gunna get involved! Weheartit.com has definitely helped fuel this passion I feel! So inspiring images!

If anyone has any photographers that are a little different and not mainstream I would LOVE to have a look around there work!

It is safe to say that there will be a lot more photography on this blog :)

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