Thursday, 9 February 2012

Into the Blue

Source: Numbero Magazine
Photographer: Camilla Akrans
Fashion Editor: Franck Benhamou
Model: Toni Garn

I first came across Camilla Akrans when admiring some campaigns she did over the previous two seasons for Swedish brand Fillipa K. I was immediately captivated by how whimsical and relaxed her shots were and the hazy aura that she created was what first attracted me to her work. Although continuing a similar vibe in this shoot for Numero magazine, what struck me most when I first came across these shots was the striking use of lighting and variety in the composition. The contrast between light and dark and the way the shimmering styling reflects light particles makes for an extraordinary picture and Akrans has depicted this beautifully in every shot; the most drastic of these being in the black and white shot. I love the way the light has captured both the delicacy and ferocity of Toni Garn capturing her as a juxtaposition of a siren yet vulnerable. I also really love the use of blue in these shots, the composition only emphasizes how lovely the shade is and it adds a really relaxed notion to the glamorous dresses and sparkle. The notion of something natural becoming glamorised is really prevalent and there is something truly enchanting about every picture in the spread.

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