Friday, 11 November 2011

Source: Various Google Images

A heavy focus within my current university project this term has been upon identifying myself as a creator. But a creator of what? This is the question that I have been tirelessly asking myself. Growing up I always knew I wanted a career within the widespread fashion industry, but only in the last year or so beginning my degree studies have I fully understood just how little this really helps me in defining my specific career choices. 
One of the tasks I am trying to get on with that will eventually be a part of my portfolio for this term is the design of a visual CV and business card/press pack. Truly deciding what it is that my self-promotion should say about me is a tricky task, especially as I am yet to really discover that myself. Finding something that truly depicts my design aesthetic as well as me as a person. With a couple of career paths in mind I'm finding it difficult to define my place in the industry, knowing where you want to be is hard enough these days without even thinking about how to get there!


  1. Thanks for the comment - these are some great images for inspiration,

    I got Lula in New York. No where but London sells it. So if your going next week hunt it down!

    Hollie x

  2. Thanks Hollie! Your post mirrored my thoughts exactly! At least you know that writing is what you want to do and you can focus on that, the rest will come from there I'm sure! xx