Saturday, 5 November 2011

Milkshake Delight

Not normally somebody with a soft spot for a great deal of colour when it comes to my own wardrobe preferences, this shoot by Jesse Laitinen really grabbed my attention. The brilliant sky blue compliments the candyfloss pink and create a concoction of 50s milk bars colour palettes that I was entirely drawn to. As much as I appreciate the colour contrast within the first image, the subtlety of the neutral ensembles that follow compliment the background equally as effectively although in a completely different way. The styling is tailored with a real laid back feel and is reflected throughout even the hair and make-up with the juxtaposition of slicked back and wispy frizz of her peroxide curls. A look that I wouldn't choose for myself but is absolutely captivating in this editorial and a lighter hearted edge to high end garments.

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