Sunday, 16 October 2011

Week Two

Monday morning. My first returning Monday in a long while, the fuzzy Monday morning feeling was one that had become slightly alien to me. I found on my little desk space that Athena had left me a small list of things to be done over the next few days. Something else that I found was really good, as I felt that I had a purpose in the department. As far as interns go I feel very lucky as this seemed to be about a lot more than making tea. 

The majority of my week was spent within the Kids department, as a new intern had started who was a lot younger than me in Trousers and Outerwear. It was really great to experience a new area within the brand as I could see how their work ethic spanned across a multitude of departments. The Kids department was MANIC. A couple of staff down and a presentation at the end of the week, my responsibilities here lay mostly with arranging range boards for all Best and Worst products across Baby, Boy and Girl, for months June to October. That is a lot of pins I tell you now.  It was reasonably stressful as the boards had to be perfect to be seen by the big guns, and there was a lot to be done and not that much time. 

The more I learnt about being a buyer, the more different it was to how I imagined it would be. I spent a lot of time photographing product, and so I quickly became familiar with what was being bought and developed. This really helped me in many tasks that I was given, as I was able to talk and write about product that needed developing whilst attending fit meetings, aswell as sourcing product from the wardrobes.

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