Sunday, 16 October 2011

Week Four

My final week.
I cannot actually believe how fast the past month has gone. Although it has been exhausting undertaking this full time placement, it has been a very fulfilling experience, and a real education. I feel as though I have gained a thorough understanding of what it means to be a BA and have been given responsibility which I may not have been given in a different company. 

Athena for the final week went through one of my consumer profiles aswell as running through critical paths and range plans with me which I needed to consult with to track orders and organise the Best and Worst for this week. 

This final week was a lot of fun for me at Monsoon; I feel as if I have formed a great bond with people in several departments and in doing so have also gained some great contacts. This week I got to attend a fair in the reception/canteen area of the magnificent glass Monsoon/Accessorize building in aid of the charity that the company have set up. It was great fun as there was loads of old VM for sale, which meant I could buy some really quirky and unique pieces for the new uni house, aswell as raffles and stalls to take part in a few different activities. 

Drinks and a picnic were a lovely farewell from the team aswell as a card, I will really miss being a part of the team! I had a great experience from Monsoon and would without a doubt recommend them as a company to work for. One key thing I did learn from my internship would be that although I thoroughly enjoyed my experience and learnt so much, buying is not really the avenue that I would like to continue down. I feel that it is too business focused and logical for me and I would prefer something with more creative free rein. 

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