Wednesday, 13 July 2011

A saving grace

Source: Jak and Jil

Years beyond the release of my cherished September Issue film was released Grace Coddington stood to be a resounding symbol of what is great within the world of fashion. A model turned stylist and creative director, this is a woman who just knows. Endlessly stylish and forever empowering with the art that she creates and beauty she inspires. Seeing this gloriously voyeuristic image of Grace on Jak and Jil's blog simply reminded me of why I began to love Grace and her work in the first place. 

Always a winner in capturing an honest and believable narrative Grace's knowledge stems deep into the overwhelming wealth of film, icons, eras and myth that surround us in not only the world of an artist but also every day. Something that has been absolutely drummed into us all this last semester at uni, knowledge of the past, interest in the preseny and curiosity in the future are 3 characteristics that Grace not only possess but that she thrives upon. I infinitely admire her hunger for the job and the most beautiful results of both this and absolute natural talent.

To call her an idol sounds too primadonna, and that she is not. So to me, cliche as it sounds (and is) she is an inspiration.
I'll leave you with some of my favourite of her works, although the list could be endless.

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