Monday, 18 July 2011

Princess Quest

Today me and mummy dearest ventured to Kensington Palace on a quest to find all seven princesses in the Enchanted Palace exhibition. The exhibition has completely transformed an area of the palace into a magical, enchanted, romantic and slightly spooky wonderland. While the 'quest' is designed to interest smaller children no doubt, the fantastical atmosphere that has been created sparks an element of magic within all those who enter and it was not only beautiful but also had you feeling like a child all over again. 

The architectural aspect of the exhibition was wonderful, having taken everything into account it allowed you to learn more about the palace whilst also feeling that it was all part of a fabricated story, that you were part of. The dresses were disney-esque perfection and the lighting, designed by Chris Levine, was spectacular.
It was amazing how much had been accounted for and the curators had really thought deeply about everything to make sure that the image was complete. Even the 'keep off signs' were phrased 'Danger! Enchanted! Tread  carefully'.

 Well worth a visit here are some picture of my magical day. (Sorry if some of the picture quality is quite poor but flash isn't allowed within the palace)

All pictures above are my own

The perfect combination of art, fashion, sculpture, performance and fantasy.

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