Wednesday, 13 July 2011


Books: various, CD: Beyonce, 4, Shorts & Bikinis: Topshop, Knitwear, Bastyan at House of Fraser, Boots: Urban Outfitters, Ring: Unknown

So last week I finally turned 19. I say finally, but 19 is not really the sort of age that you anticipate, or get excited for is it? I feel like its a sort of 'non-age' and I suppose birthdays are not quite the same once the excitement and thrill of the lottery tickets that come with 16, the learning to drive that comes with 17 and the ability to publicly drink alcohol or go out til 6am that comes with 18; is over. I mean occasionally they are the same, 21 follows soon after but this birthday felt different. 
And I think that its kind of sad.

Nevertheless, it was a lovely day and I was spoilt! Lunch with friends, dinner with family and cocktails with the girls to follow it was a day of perfection. I realised that although birthdays will probably feel a little different now, after several that are classified 'big' birthdays, they are different but they are no less special. Birthdays are days of bliss, a day that should be enjoyed, and that is exactly what mine was. :)

Above are some of the pretty pretty gifts that my family gave me and what I couldn't photograph is a trip to Cologne, which I will be going on courtesy of Jez Lester....cheers love!

Birthdays are always good days.

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