Sunday, 5 June 2011

Next step.

One of the other projects to go into the portfolio was the execution of someone elses photographic brief. In a group of 4, including Millie, Alice, Jade as well as myself we were given the brand Wildfox, an LA style brand. If you know anything about Wildfox, this will make more sense, but the brief we were given was awethummm! This project was funn!

Photoshoot planned, we chose a variety of models to help us carry it out, whilst we all took turns to style, arrange and take photographs. The narrative was about a young, native american girl having a nightime party in the woodland to celebrate her journey through adolescence.

^ Styling for the shoot
^ Some of the other shots we liked but didn't include
 ^ Some photos of us in action

^ My own moodboard to summarise the shoot

 ^  The first magazine spread (advertising not editorial)

^ The same as before but an alternative

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