Sunday, 5 June 2011


Hola bonitazzzzz!
Sorry for being shet.

Ahhh! Well the last month and a half have been MANIC, so much work and seemingly so little time! But its done, its in, I'm happy (well at least a little) I am annoyingly one of those 'types' who is NEVER happy with what they have done. For what I think is good reason. But hey, presto, the sleepless nights, neverending photoshop sessions are over, for now at least. Let the summer commence! I am slightly excited! Though I don't know why as absolutely nothing but my internship is planned! Some images that are getting me in the summer mooood...



P.S Can someone take me to Coachella 2012? I have a minor/major obsession and I would like to go. Whoooo loves mehhhh ? :)

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