Thursday, 15 September 2011

I neeed dollar dollar....


Unsurprisingly my number one stop shop when it came to sourcing my early autumn/winter lusts, was Topshop. Probably not the most original choice, but what can I say, its a brand after my own (as well as so many others') heart. This season more than any other at this time of year, I am particularly attracted to the more neutral and muted colour palettes, accompanied by splashes of deep burgundy and maroon and emblazoned by an occasional pop of colour like the cobalt sequin top above. The collection of apparel I've selected encompasses an edgier side to my wardrobe choices this winter, specifically night time outfits, although many of these pieces are versatile enough to be worn during the day as well.


Although a similar colour palette over at Zara, my love here stems deep into the attention to quality tailored shapes and smaller accents that make the clothes look so perfect. A big fan of Zara sadly most of it goes beyond what my student budget can afford, so over the course of autumn I'll be hoping to purchase a few of these one at a time. And its going to start with the loose black culotte shorts. Perfect minimalist style and they will go with everything...if I can brave the Nottingham cold! Always a favourite for knitwear, Zara will be my main go to for some cosy loose knit jumpers this season, perfect with some vintage denims, a combination I'll be getting in before the British chill of winter sets in too deep and i have to add some tights ! 
Sad to see summer go but a new season is always a refreshing and exciting change.

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