Saturday, 12 February 2011

Medieval Millenia

After our fairytale trip to New York in January, one of our lecturers spoke to us about the overwhelming presence of artisanry around the city, be it in bakerys, delis, tailors and in clothing brands' stores. Whilst in agreement with him, I have since come to notice the trend even more prevalently. Flicking through my March issue of Vogue today  I noticed an Hermes ad that really emphasized the point, especially since the NY Hermes store was one that I noted had a workstation in the downstairs of the store, repairing and making the lusted for Berkin bags. 

Source: fashiongonerogue

With this in mind, looking at trends for S/S '11 on I one in particular caught my eye presenting a lot of rustic textures, which I am always immediately infatuated by since my A level topic 'discarded'. Being titled 'Modern Craft'  the trend replicates the ideas of going back to tradition and 'old time craft'. Although think more glamour than bohemian.


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