Saturday, 20 November 2010

Back. Back. Backkk.

Ok, it seems to just be one apology post after another these days, but this is because I really have been shamefully bad at posting. Very bad blogger...but it has literally been mental the past couple of months! No excuse I know, so for this I am sorryyy!

Anyway, apologies aside, I suppose I should fill  you in! So I am now officially settled into NTU and am absolutely in love with every aspect of it. The course is so good, a little intimidating I admit, but I really know it is completely my calling, which almost makes it all the more nerve-racking. I've done a number of projects so far, mostly group work which has been different but interesting. The most prevalent of which has been the group brand presentation that I recently undertook on Reiss. It really is such an amazing brand, everything about it is so carefully constructed to emphasize the ethic of the brand.

We had to design an in-store concept for the brand and an ad to go with it as part of our presentation. The idea that we developed was an in-changing room digital lookbook, where the customer could scan the barcode of the item they are trying on and it will come up with a list of suggestions of items to match the product. It would then send a call out to the till for a retail assistant to retrieve it for you. This is what we designed it to look like.

So that was a very brief catch up as to what I've been doing so far this term, and I now promise to blog once every other day at least, because I have missed it!

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